Find out Why Fluke 179 is One of the Most Rated Digital Multimeters

fluke 179 digital multimeter

When you talk about Fluke series of multimeters, you will always find extremely positive reviews about the way they work. Fluke 179 is one of the most appreciated models designed for field situations.

For an electrical engineer, the use of a multimeter is fundamental for his work. He will need to get reliable information on current running through a wire, resistance, amperage etc. That is the reason why he should choose this device based on functionality and efficiency, not on design or price.

Product Features and Specifications

After a long series of improved models since the brand started producing electric measurement instruments in the 70’s, the 179 model is quite a turning point as far as general purpose multimeters are concerned. The main innovations involve improved features, greater precision and accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use. There are more specific features related to appearance and functionality that can convince users about its performance:

  • digital display with bar graph and backlight;
  • ergonomic protection case;
  • 9V battery already installed and the possibility of easily changing it without opening the case;
  • user guide included;
  • performs temperature measurements;
  • test leads;
  • possibility of recording minimal, maximal and average measurement values;
  • measurement performance faster than other multimeters.

What are the main benefits of Fluke 179

The most important thing is that it helps you save time. Every action performed by this device is faster than many similar measurement instruments: read out, sound test and auto arranging. Besides the quick response, it is also amazing how easy to use this digital multimeter is.
Another advantage of using the 179 unit is that it is highly resistant. Not only are these multimeters considered the best of their type, but also they last longer. Some customers say they could use a Fluke product up to 15 years. In fact, the manufacturer states that they have a lifetime guarantee. They also provide service assistance to fix, clean and calibrate devices whenever it is needed.

The fantastic thing is that the price is not at all very high, which makes this model affordable, meeting all budgets.

Customers’ reviews

Most users consider that they have done an excellent choice with Fluke 179 and do not regret buying it, because it is a well- built device with good probes and excellent features. They all appreciate reliability, accuracy of measurements and functionality, and call this product „an excellent meter“.

All these customer’s statements prove this brand’s constant preoccupation for creating new products, in order to match customers’ needs as far as electric and electronic tests and measurements are concerned.

To sum it up, Fluke 179 is an excellent choice both for people who are enthusiastic about electronics, and for full time electricians. They can provide excellent results with simple domestic projects, as well as with advanced job projects.

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